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why high school athletes should be required to take pe

why high school athletes should be required to take pe

She holds a Bachelor of Science in exercise and sports science and a Master of Science in education administration. Studies also suggest that student athletes are less likely to participate in unhealthy or risky behavior when they are playing sports in high school. The pros and cons of mandating physical education classes are debated among parents, students and educators alike. These classes, which not all teams have, include physical training, team building, study hall to keep grades up and other activities. Without physical education in school students would have trouble learning about other things such as math or science. But Vega said families can find alternatives to summer school.

The same report by the NFHS cited a 2002 study by the Department of Education that found students who spent no time in extracurricular activities in high school were 49 percent more likely to use drugs and 37 … And considering her daughter plays on the La Cueva basketball team, Estrada said she thinks that’s unnecessary.She said students who are high school athletes should be exempt from PE, since they stay in shape through their sport.“I think they’re athletic, and I think being on a team sport you learn a lot about teamwork, and they teach you how to be healthy and not be a slug and sit around eating bon bons all day,” Estrada said.All New Mexico high school students must take one year of PE to graduate, and exemptions are not granted to athletes or other students who participate in active extracurriculars.New Mexico is in the minority on this, according to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education. “They learn dancing, and a bunch of different things in PE.”The girls’ basketball team at La Cueva, which Vega’s and Estrada’s daughters play on, includes an elective class during the school day. Additionally, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that 2.4 days is the average number of days per school week that PE class is scheduled for grades 1–5. Physical education should be mandatory, it is an essential part of growing and learning. Teamwork, cooperation and sportsmanship are just a few of the life lessons that can be learned in a PE class.

They may feel inept because they are not as skilled as their peers or embarrassed about their bodies, especially if they are overweight. This alert will expire at .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... .......... ..........Donnis Estrada is shelling out $400 this summer so her daughter can take physical education through summer school. A study by the University of Florida cited bullying as a factor that kept overweight kids from exercising and in some cases, completely avoiding PE class or sports.Houston area native Marie Anderson began writing education articles in 2013.
Regular physical activity can help prevent serious medical issues like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. Schools should not require gym classes in high school because it does not accomplish making the students healthier and humiliates them in the process. Healthy … PE classes can teach students healthy habits and build character. Most gym …

Physical activity stimulates the minds of the young and keeps them on the ball when learning new things.

Whether Physical Education classes should be mandated in public schools has been a controversial for some time. She has seven years of teaching and coaching experience within the Texas public school system. Students also have the chance to set goals, build confidence and socialize with their peers in a fun, safe setting. According to the association’s 2012 “Shape of the Nation” report, 33 states allow PE waivers for athletes.The association has taken the position that such waivers are not good policy, because just playing a sport does not ensure students will be exposed to a variety of activities or learn PE content standards.New Mexico Public Education Department spokesman Larry Behrens offered a similar explanation for New Mexico’s policy.“Physical Education and Athletics are separate programs with separate goals,” Behrens said in a written statement.He said the goal of PE is to expose students to a variety of sports and activities, which may not happen if they participate in just one sport. According to the Center for Public Education, most states require between 175 and 180 days of classes per academic year.

Rosanne Vega, whose daughter plays basketball at La Cueva, said she doesn’t think athletes should be exempt.“They do learn different things,” Vega said. For students whose parents cannot afford organized sports outside of school hours, PE is a chance for them to experience playing on a team.Instruction time and budgets in schools are limited. Also being physically helpful, it … High-energy games like tag and dodgeball are great examples of activities that have little downtime. Requiring PE classes exposes students to a variety of activities that can help them lead healthy lifestyles as adults and combat serious medical problems.Sports and games in the context of physical education classes can offer character building opportunities for students. Many student athletes here at State High ask this question: “Why do I have to take gym when I already play a sport?” Several opinions relate back to PE class, and if it is really necessary. At a minimum, elementary aged children should get 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day.

All New Mexico high school students must take one year of PE to graduate, and exemptions are not granted to athletes or other students who participate in active extracurriculars. While the Pennsylvania Athletic Department states that providing high schools with PE and health courses is a requirement, more and more wish it was an optional class. However, they can also take time away from academics and make some students feel self-conscious, different or left out.

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